This is trimAl's information page. Also, you can find information related to the readAl program.

trimAl is a tool for the automated removal of spurious sequences or poorly aligned regions from a multiple sequence alignment Access trimAl publication

trimAl can consider several parameters, alone or in multiple combinations, in order to select the most-reliable positions in the alignment. These include the proportion of sequences with a gap, the level of residue similarity and, if several alignments for the same set of sequences are provided, the consistency level of columns among alignments. Moreover, trimAl is able to manually select a set of columns to be removed from the alignment.

Additionally, trimAl implements a series of automated algorithms that apply different thresholds, based on the characteristics of each alignment, to be used so that the signal-to-noise ratio after alignment trimming phase is optimized.

Moreover, the user can remove spurious sequences from the alignment before applying any method to improve the alignment's quality.

Among trimAl's additional features, trimAl allows getting the complementary alignment (columns that were trimmed), to compute statistics from the alignment, to select the output file format, to get a summary of trimAl's trimming in HTML format, and many other options.

trimAl is being developed by the Comparative Genomics Group at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) at Barcelona, Spain.

In this site you can find the user manual, publications, news and also information related to the trimAl package. In this package, you can also find readAl, a tool for format alignment conversion.

You can also use an online version of trimAl and readAl through Phylemom2 webserver at the Centro de Investigacion Principe Felipe (CIPF) in Valencia, Spain.

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