trimAl/readAl v1.2

  • Added the htmlout to track the trimAl's trimming.
  • Added the possibility to delete spurious sequences from the alignment.
  • Added the complementary and colnumbering options.
  • Added the manual selection of columns.
  • Added one new heuristic method to select the best automated trimming method.
    • Automated1
  • Added two new automated methods to work with gaps and similarity distribution.
    • Strict
    • Strictplus
  • Select only one automated method to work with gaps distribution.
    • Strict ⇒ Gappyout
    • Relaxed was deleted
  • Added the version/revisions system.
  • Improved the file format.
    • Added support for phylip 3.2
    • Added support for clustal
    • Added support for fasta
    • Added support for nexus
    • Added support for mega
    • Added support for nbrf/pir
  • Improved of statistics methods.
    • Improved the information of the available methods.
    • Added the identity statistics.
  • Improved of windows size methods.
    • Consistency windows size.
  • Improved the similarity-matrices handling.
  • Improved the support for DNA/RNA alignments.
  • Added readAl.
  • Fixed some bugs from the previous version.

trimAl v1.1

  • Initial public version of trimAl.
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